Sunday, May 14, 2006

Setting up of svn

This is a post from another blog, did this some time ago.. but perhaps I should do some proper documentation..

Well over here at my instituition, the open source group here managed to get a nice server for ourselves, and lucky me got an account. Someone of course set up the server and stuff. It was set up using Centos, which is essentially RedHat. xen was set up inside, so we essentially had 3 virtual machines inside one! How cool is that?

Anyway so I had one of those virtual machines to mess around with. Of course I was suppose to do some serious work on it. I was supposed to set up a repository, namely subversion. So I set up 2 repositories for the security group to make use of for their projects. To check in and check out, there are a few ways. The painful way is to remotely ssh to the server, which I don't think they want to go into that. Hence, the easy way is to use tortoisesvn. But of course they will still have to rtfm. Tortoisesvn is really nice visually and quite easy to use.

To browse the repository, I've actually set up Trac which is a pretty nice project management tool. Initially was confused with the setup and it was quite a pain to setup because of the many dependencies it had on other modules. But once done, it runs pretty smoothly and quite easy to manage using the trac-admin tool.

So of course, the access and authorisation rights have to be set somewhere, and most of it was done in the httpd.conf file of apache. Further fine grained access rights was set with the svn.

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