Wednesday, June 14, 2006

mambowiki on Joomla anonymous access problem

So I have been working on this website, and it is running Joomla on it. So I installed mambowiki as well as I thought it'd be cool to have a wiki there with tutorials and stuff on it where people can read and edit, etc. But there was a problem with the access controls in mambowiki. I wanted to allow anonymous users to be able to view the stuff on the wiki as well, but trying to set that configurations through the admin page is useless. Googling around did not help much either, I am not sure if I am an isolated incident hmm.

I tried a fix that I found from somewhere, it said to either remove or add this line: $wgDisableCookieCheck = true;

But this did not seem to have any effect on my system. Then I decided to look through some of the codes to figure out how it worked, and maybe I will get lucky, and I did. So here is my fix, hopefully it works for anyone who might encounter similar problems.

1. Go to your components/com_mambowiki folder and open mambowiki.php

2. Scroll down the code and look for this line:
$AllowAnonymousAccess = $params->get('allowanonymoususers', 1);
// Default = no (as in Yes=0, No=1)

3. Change the '1' to '0'.
$AllowAnonymousAccess = $params->get('allowanonymoususers', 0);
// Default = no (as in Yes=0, No=1)

That's it, anonymous users should be able to view your website now, whether they can edit or not will be set in your admin configs.