Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Just found this website while looking around resources for python. It's pretty funny, and kind of useful in my opinion! Check it out useless python


ahh so I've gotten lazy in updating this blog, but nvm I can start again!

Regarding Django, I've found it relatively easy to use. And of course, once one gets the hang of it, it is easier, but when you are just starting to learn it, the learning curve can take a while. Perhaps it is because I was also not familiar with python then.

For work reasons, I have to be familiar with python now, so anyway I helped a friend out to parse some stuff out from the web. Had intended to use perl as I really like perl's regex, but thought I might as well try python to finally know how to use it :p Anyway, I found this neat little tool pyparsing and also learnt more about python's regex.

I still prefer perl's regex..... or maybe cos I've been using it for so long so I'm biased. But anyway nvm, I need to learn to like python... for a few months at least hahaha