Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Attempt to install modperl

Recently I attempted to install mod_perl on my FC5 at home. Unfortunately, it ended up with my internet connection screwing up. Ndiswrapper got messed up and I was in a funk, so I delayed a time before getting down to work on it. So I reinstalled ndiswrapper, thinking it might have been corrupted, but I ended up with my fedora giving me panic attacks!!!

It was quite a pain, and of cos seeing those panic warnings made me panic a little too! Then I tried recompiling it and so on and stuff, still failed. In the end, I took a closer look at my error messages, and realised that there was a conflict with my kernel info in grub. I didn't take down the error messages, but it was something about the kernel not being suitable for wireless settings. (I was on a wireless connection) So I checked, and to my surprise, my grub looked.. grubby. It wasn't what I had put in earlier.. and there's a blog entry here to prove it since I did record down how I setup my wireless connection in this blog. So I suppose something I did when I tried to install modperl screwed it up, and I ended up loading a different kernel from what I expected. So I just changed it back to the original and then my ndiswrapper was happy!

So it was alright then, in about 2 hours or so. I haven't got my modperl working though, kinda busy to work on it, but I'll try to do it, and will update here in time :p