Monday, May 22, 2006

Obsfucated nick

Okay, here's an attempt at obsfucating my nick :p Tried to post it on perl monks, but still not sure what was going on, the post apparently is stored in there, but not published?? Oh well, anyway here's my code, meant to run in commandline :D

perl -e "$c=1;foreach $l(a..z){if($c==13||$c==1||$c==9||$c==5){push(@m,$l);}elsif($c==7){push(@m, $l);push(@m,$l);}$c++;}($b,$f,$h,$h,$j,$n )=(shift(@m),shift(@m),shift(@m),shift(@m),shift(@m),shift(@m));@m=();
push(@m,$n,$b,$h,$h,$j,$f);print @m;"

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