Thursday, March 25, 2010

Introducing my little giraffe... inkscaped!

Been playing around with inkscape as mentioned earlier, and I quite like this tutorial as it was pretty simple.

So after the tutorial, I followed it as closely as I could (although I did use some different techniques), and this is the result..

Well I improvised a bit for the eyes lol

And here is my first little inkscaped version of my little soft toy giraffe. Her name is 'YoYoYo'. Yes, that's not a joke. :)

There's still room for improvement of course, and it took me too damn long to do it too :p And I know, it's a giraffe, but hey why is the neck so short, and what happened to the leggys??? Well, my soft toy really looks like that... take it as an alien giraffe? Hopefully I will continue to have inspiration!

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