Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Was introduced to Konfabulator by a Andrew and well, was trying to use it as an interface for this extracting thing I am trying to do. Yes, the db is a pain to use, and its difficult to track students this way. But well, it is access and it is.... :p

Anyway, so as I am dabbling with perl, I used it together with some Win32::OLE and Win32::ODBC packages, by Roth consulting I believe. Pretty cool for them to come up with these although there's something else called DBI, but I am not too sure how to use it, so nvm, this is supposed to be quick and dirty anyway.

So how its suppose to work is like this. Double click on the konfabulator widget, it executes a shell command(cool feature man) and runs perl, which extracts the stuff from the access db, and dumps it in an excel, so that the user can easily see the data. Of course, this is for windows users only.

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